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So you have a great story to tell, but you don’t have the writing skills or the time to capture it all in a book?  Hiring a ghostwriter allows you to get your story written in spite of these personal obstacles.


What, exactly, is ghostwriting? In its simplest definition, ghostwriting is the practice of having someone else write your book for you. Ghostwriters are plentiful and their specialties are vast. From business books and novels to articles and blogs (and every form of text in between), ghostwriters are contracted to weave words together and release their by-lines to someone else.


We work together to develop your story from your point-of-view. Collaboration is essential to our success — and subsequently, yours as well. Our process relies on a series of interviews and author reviews to best communicate your thoughts and words.


BNP ghostwriters specialize in chick-lit, business books and personal stories. Reach out to our team to explore your options.


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