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Unfailing Love:

52 Weekly Affirmations to strengthen your faith, encourage your spirit, and change your life.

By: Joy Graham

$12.99 Paperback (6.5 x 6.5)

$  4.99 Kindle Edition

ISBN-13: 9781481914307​


What happens when affirmations are linked with purpose, based on biblical principles and backed by God’s unfailing love?​


Revelation.  Revelation that strengthens your faith, encourages your spirit, and, ultimately, changes your life from the inside out.


Instead of the usual list of daily affirmations, this book applies the advertising world’s Rule of Seven to help readers harness internal power to live fulfilling lives.  The Rule of Seven states that a person must be exposed to a message at least seven times before taking note and being moved to action.


Unfailing Love challenges you to embrace one simple statement each week of the year and repeat it each time your thoughts conjure up fear, discouragement, doubt, or defeat — whenever distractions (internal and external) attempt to sway you from being and becoming all that God has created you to be.



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