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Want to publish your own books, but don't know where to start?

Clearly, self-publishing isn’t for everyone. Taking the reins requires an author to think from both a business and a creative perspective. For those who are able to manage both dual roles, the personal satisfaction and financial return can be rewarding.

Blue Nile Publishing understands first-hand just how frustrating it can be to wade through the unlimited options available for today’s independent publisher. Not only are we here to help create a plan to move your story from manuscript to published book to reader, we’re also here to support you every step of the way (saving you time, money and frustrations).


Our Book Ends work sessions give authors the freedom and flexibility to get only the assistance they need, as they need it. We meet via Skype or phone to guide you through editing, proofreading, formatting, designing, marketing, and distributingyour books (whether eBook or print). We're also available to answer questions regarding starting and running your publishing company.

Book Ends are generally scheduled in one-hour increments (at $100 per session) and each new publisher works with a dedicated consultant to bring their books to life.

Contact our office to discuss your dream of becoming a published author.


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