Marketing & Distribution


For numerous authors, the most difficult part of self-publishing is getting attention for their books — many selling fewer than 150 copies. Having your books fly off of the shelves and onto movie screens like “Legally Blonde” is a scenario countless writers envision, but few realize. Marketing books and selling books go hand-in-hand. If you want the latter, you must embrace the former.

Whether online or off, in your community or across the world, BNP’s marketing and distribution services can develop an effective plan to reach your readers. We intertwine traditional and innovative strategies to build an organic following for your work. Need a website? No problem, we have web packages designed specifically for authors and independent publishers. Want to launch a social media campaign? Let us handle it. Prefer to stick with book festivals and book signings? We can coordinate a book tour for you. Considering giving away books to get your name out there? Talk to us first about brand management. Have questions about securing legitimate book reviews? Ask us about our simple process. Haven’t determined who your readers are? Not only will we help you identify your target audience, but we’ll also help you identify the best ways to reach them.




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