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Design & Formatting


Thanks to eBooks and print-on-demand (POD) services, the book world has changed drastically. Book stores and distributors are no longer required pieces of the publishing puzzle, and authors have direct access to their audiences like never before. What hasn’t changed, however, is readers’ penchant to judge books by their covers. Whether digital or print, a book’s cover, layout, and formatting should be visually appealing and professionally presented.

It’s no secret that the costs of producing books have reduced, but delivering a book that doesn’t meet readers’ expectations will directly affect your sales. A typical turn-off of self-published books is the way they’re put together. Cover design that doesn’t reflect the book’s content… typesetting inconsistencies… and unreadable eBooks all casts suspicion on your ability to convey a good story.

Being authors ourselves, we get it. We get that there are advantages to having your books available in both print and eBook formats. We know that there’s a difference between designing a cover and tweaking a template. We’ve learned through experience that converting an eBook is not the same as formatting one. And through trial-and-error, we’ve discovered the benefits of using the best fonts for lengthy text, employing chapter heads that complement flow, and incorporating front and back matter that enhance each reader’s experience.

Don’t just settle for a great story, commit to releasing a great book — from the cover to the last page. We can help you do it.


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